Subscription Based Licensing

CADMATE Takeoff works on Subscription pricing model this solves the problem customers have in spending large amounts of money upfront for software solutions. Instead, It also makes available the option to scale up in applications, add or reduce users, or discontinue services all together while receiving highest-level support. Customer also gets the latest updates on the product without any additional charges. Not only does this give customers the pre-mentioned flexibility, but it allows them to spread out costs through the long run.

Feature Based Licensing

Feature-based licensing is the way to go. This model allows ultimate control over which features the user would like to use. Customers can select the license type, allowing for personalization depending on the needs of each employer or user.

Offline Licensing

This occurs when the target computer does not have internet access. Your Offline Activation is simple, quick, and hassle-free for your customers who need it. Offline Activation can be conducted over the phone or email by our customer support department using our Online Activation/Deactivation interface.

Concurrent Licensing

CADMATE offers concurrent licensing option to organizations. Concurrent user licensing allows firms to purchase computer systems and software at a lower cost because the maximum number of concurrent users expected to use the system or software at any given time (those users all logged in together) is only a portion of the total system users employed at a company. The concurrent licenses are global and shared by anyone who needs to use the system.

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